Where we work

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Our address:

Rua Cristóvão Colombo nº 89

Cristóvão Colombo, Vila Velha, 

ES - Brasil, CEP 29106-595

Talk to us:

+55 27 30339421 Customer care 

    S -20.285715º W -40.24303º

    S -20.322495º W -40.316275º  

  • Anchorage of VITORIA ANCH.                           S -20.361345º W -40.12447º                

  • PORTOCEL ANCH.                                             S -19.856165º W -39.978905º


Sea Wolf Soluções Marítimas is a private company based in Vila Velha, Espírito Santo - Brazil. 

The heart of our business is to provide the best solutions and services to our clients in the most effective way. Since 2013 we have built a strong, reliable and efficient business infrastructure that secures a consistently high standard of service delivery. 


Our mission is to solutiong the logistics maritime full time.

Our vision is to become the most solid maritime solutions company in Espírito Santo. 


Our core values are: 

  • To respect our collaborators & partners;

  • To work safely;

  • To lessen the impact on the environment;

  • To achieve our goals;

  • To make dreams come true.

           Where we are:

 S20º19`40.10  W040º18`27.79

        (-20.3278, -040.3077)

We are specialized in ship repair, cargo hold cleaning, provision transportation, port & maritime logistics
  • Hydraulic Crane;

  • Gear pump and motors;

  • Axial piston pump and motors;

  • Rotary vane pump and motors;

  • Rotary vane pump cartridge; 

  • Hydrostatic transmissions (HSTs);

  • Hydraulic controls;

  • Cartridge valves;

  • Hydraulic accumulators;

  • Filtering units.

 Maintenance, Repair and   Operations (MRO)                         
  • Welders;

  • Assemblers;

  • Electricians;

  • Electronics technician;

  • Mechanics;

  • Hydraulic mechanic.

On-board Work


Cargo Hold Cleaning
  • Cargo hold cleaning and decontamination of tanks and silos;

  • SMAT: Surface Mechanical Attrition Treatment. (St2 and St3);

  • Ultra-high pressured water blasting;

  • Sewage and waste transfer. 

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